Need a Food & Beverage Concept? Your Idea, Our Expertise. Let’s Make it Happen!

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The team at Urban Eats can help you with the conceptualization, branding and pre-opening development of your Food & Beverage Project.


We can work with you on:

  • Creation of  Unique  Food Offerings that spark trends and capture the imaginations of the people they serve.
  • Restaurant Brand Audits & Tune Ups that energize your consumer base and jump start sales.
  • Business Plans, Feasibility and Industry Trend Analysis that provide accurate information for optimal decision making.
  • Interior Designs that capture the brand story and makes for a total sensory experience.
  • Kitchen Designs & Equipment Specification for all sectors within the hospitality industry.
  • Strategic Planning and Pre Opening Consulting that guide clients through best practices and towards profitability.
  • Mixed Use, Food Court & Lifestyle Center Consulting identifying appropriate restaurant and retail food sizing, layout, concept and tenant curation, brand messaging, signage, pedestrian flows, etc.

Studio No. 7 – Now Open Lucky Marietta District

August 7, 2014  |  1 Comment

Studio No. 7

Some concepts are thrust upon us, others occur as though they were destined to be. Studio No. 7 is what it is. No hype, no BS…simply a reflection of the moment at hand and the community it serves. Now open in West Midtown on Marietta Street, Studio No. 7 ushers in a new definition of lounge, already present in DC, LA and NYC, to the Atlanta scene. Urban Eats was hired for pre-opening logistics, kitchen set-up, menu development, vendor referrals, hiring and general industry expertise.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Buzzes DC

July 17, 2014  |  1 Comment

Ahead of their bricks and mortar roll out in Washington DC and Northern Virginia, Peet’s Coffee and Tea launched a very cool promotional coffee truck and trailer tandem.  The rolling promotional duo buzzed through selected events and street side markets introducing consumers in the nation’s capital to Peet’s tasty brews.  Urban Eats Consulting Group, working with Atlanta based An Epic Company,  provided event coordination and permit logistics for the Spring 2014 tour.


Imperial Pub & Lubrication

December 11, 2013  |  No Comments


Imperial Pub Oakhurst

This place has had cold beer written all over it for 50 years. Literally, the word “Lubrication” imperial pub has graced the wall of this former gas station since it was painted as a motor oil advertisement way back when.

Now, thanks to four visionary owners, we can all have a pint again…the hop version that is. With history like that, there’s no doubt that Imperial Pub will be an instant neighborhood classic. Urban Eats Consulting Group provided interior design guidance, lighting and finish material coordination.

Cold Life Organics – Juice Truck

November 14, 2013  |  1 Comment

From a nutritional perspective, cold pressed organic juice is at the top of the list. Its good for your body and makes you feel alive and energized. Cold Life Organics is an on-line supermarket selling 100% organic fruits, vegetables and grocery items. With all those beautiful fruits and vegetables in the warehouse, juicing was a no- brainer. Urban Eats Consulting Group was hired to develop the Cold Life Juice Truck and juicing operations. Click here for a recent Midtown Patch article on the Juice Truck Roll-OutCold Pressed Juice

Rebekah Fitzgerald on Menu Redesigns

August 30, 2013  |  No Comments

This week’s blog comes to us from Rebekah Fitzgerald all the way from Minnesota.  She offers some great advise on menu changes.  Thanks Rebekah!

Menu Redesign

Time to redesign your outdated menu?  There are many reasons it might be overdue, but the ultimate goal is to increase profits through a better guest experience.  A successful transition to a new menu is dependent upon maintaining your regulars, all the while attracting new guests.

Your regulars are important customers that have been supporting your restaurant for many years.  Successful restaurateurs will recognize their value by taking them into consideration.  Here are three methods to maintain their loyalty throughout these changes.

Inform Them

Removing an item from your menu may not seem like a big deal to you, but it could be the very reason that they come back every week.  This doesn’t mean that the Mango Chicken should stay solely based on one customer purchasing it every Tuesday.  More importantly, they just want to feel included.  Surprising your guests with a sudden and radical menu redesign is an important consideration to prepare for.

If they haven’t been given any type of notice regarding the coming changes, they may not feel valued by you or the restaurant.  You don’t need to tell them every detail, but enough to make them feel like they are involved and a part of the change.

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Pizza Shack Fires Up Dallas, GA

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The suburban retail market continues to amaze me. Seemingly an endless sea of strip malls, national chains and subdivisions cloaked in homogeneity I wonder how any business gains autonomy. For the answer, look no further than the Pizza Shack; a family run, community pizza pub that has scored a direct hit along the Cedarcrest Road corridor. What the Pizza Shack owners understood, that many aspiring restaurant owners tend to overlook, was the lifestyles of the local consumers. The Shack tapped into the surrounding resident’s desire for community interaction in comfortable familiar places. Warm, inviting and engaging the Shack is one of those iconic neighborhood joints we all need to unwind. Go check them out, watch the game and enjoy the New York style hand tossed pizza. Urban Eats Consulting Group developed the brand narrative and provided interior design direction.

C. Diddy’s: The Best Little Crawfish Shack in Texas

April 18, 2013  |  No Comments

Best Little Crawfish Shack in Texas

Just in time for the crawfish season comes C. Diddy’s Crawfish Shack. Dubbed The Best Little Crawfish Shack in Texas, C’Diddy’s uses only the best Crawfish cooked to perfection. You may have had crawfish but, oh lawd, you ‘aint never had C’ Diddy’s. By the way, you can bring your own beer to wash down these little delicacies. Next time you’re in Beaumont stop in and get your self some spicy tails!
Urban Eats Consulting Group, in cooperation with TBG Designs, developed the brand story line and visual graphics. You can just see this logo on a t-shirt, right?

Volare Wine & Bistro Takes Off in Hapeville

March 12, 2013  |  No Comments

Flanked by two titans of designer speed, Hapeville, GA was bound to find a sense of style. And, what better way to serve the European tastes of Delta and Porsche than to open a Wine Bistro. That is just what the Musetti family has set out to do with Volare Wine & Bistro. Inviting, relaxed and “filled with joy” is the atmosphere you’ll find at Volare. The Musetti’s are a fun loving family; they cook, they celebrate, and they eat amazing food. Join them for lunch, dinner or an artisan snack of cheese and wine. Urban Eats Consulting Group designed Volare’s open Kitchen/Bar and provided equipment specifications and health permit logistics.

Mixed Use Developments & Restaurants

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Restaurants in Mixed Use Developments Beauty & the Beast: Mixed Use Developments & Restaurants

A square peg in a round hole is how some commercial developers describe the integration of restaurants into their mixed use-residential developments. “Like a bull in a china shop”, was how one developer describe it to me recently. From the design to the operation, restaurants demand significant preparation and consume a great deal of resources in any real estate development. In a mixed use scenario the stakes are even higher because restaurants, given their super-sized infrastructures and extroverted personalities, impact the very thing we hold dear in our choice of abode; quality of life.
If you live in a mixed use community, there is nothing worse than an unwelcome odor, the impeding traffic or the other physical challenges that come with a restaurant’s girth. At the same time we love the idea of having access to a trendy menu just a short walk away. In response, developers have in recent years, implemented new technologies and design strategies to help balance a restaurant’s conveniences with the unpleasant realities of the trash and noise.
But the physicality’s are only one part of this beauty and the beast story. There is an emotional factor too. Restaurants experiment with life’s most passionate essentials. Food, atmosphere and humanity, each personified in its own right, accelerate when scripted together and make for one gregarious character. Unlike the physical impacts however, developers are in much less control of a restaurant’s emotion and the influence it has on their community. Once the fuse is lit…

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Screw Fear and Ask For Help!

January 1, 2013  |  No Comments

Most self employed people will tell you that the big downside to working for yourself is the inconsistent revenue.  You are either flush with cash or digging quarters out from under the couch cushions.  Today’s bank deposit might be the first of many or the last before a drought.  That is the nature of scarcity, and as an entrepreneur I have come face to face with it many times myself.

I read somewhere that by 2020 independent workers will make up a majority of the US workforce.  If true, this means that soon a lot of folks, not necessarily by choice, will have to eke out a steady living without the security of a weekly corporate paycheck, and who will all, at some point, face lean times.  How will this increasingly large group hedge their incomes?  It occurs to me that they will need to access a communication that is too often suppressed.  They will need to ask for help.

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